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Responsible Gambling

Everything you need to know about gambling laws and regulations in the UAE

Distinct countries have different gambling regulations, and the UAE has its own gambling ban due to religion. Finding out what the rules and regulations are in your area is essential if you want to indulge in iGaming without running afoul of the law.

Land-based casinos in Dubai are permitted by applicable UAE law. Their attitudes about gambling, especially iGaming, appear to be quite open. However, despite the widespread prohibition of gambling, widespread speculation persists that it will soon be decriminalized.

There are, however, no laws that explicitly prohibit internet gambling sites. Because we at Emirates Casinos are always on top of the latest legislation, we will keep you informed of any changes.
A virtual private network, or VPN, is strongly suggested if visiting online international casinos.

Emirates Casino updates you with all new information on casinos in the UAE

The gaming industry extends far beyond slot machines and progressive payouts. iGaming is more than just a hobby; it’s a way of life that’s rapidly evolving and setting new standards.
We have you covered with everything from traditional land-based casinos to the most cutting-edge blockchain gambling. Visit Emirates Casinos to learn about upcoming games, mergers and acquisitions, financials, industry developments, and more.

Emirates Casino answers all of your questions about casinos in the UAE

No matter the medium, casinos have always been the subject of heated debate. At Emirates Casino, we provide constant updates and changes when it comes to casino regulations in UAE. After all, we’re on a mission to make iGamers smarter by demystifying the industry’s lingo.

Gambling Licences for UAE casinos

Most of the time, Curacao, the UK Gambling Commission, ONJN, the Malta Gaming Authority, and other licensing bodies permit the operation of online casinos. You can find the license number (with a link) and additional information on the casinos’ websites. You can check the details by going to the websites of the organisations in charge of regulating things.

Responsible Gambling

Like any other game, casino games are fun and games until they start to cause trouble. Before you run out of money and get into debt, it’s IMPORTANT to deal with the problem.

Tools for Responsible Gambling are available in online casinos, which is a good thing. With these, players can set limits on how much they can spend, how much time they spend on the site, or even get kicked off.

Tax on casino winnings in the UAE

Gambling is illegal in the UAE. There is no information regarding tax for players who have managed to gain access to online casinos and won.

Why do casinos ask for personal documents?

Players are usually hesitant to give their documents to online casinos or anyone else, and it’s always a good idea to find out WHY.
Here are some real reasons why casinos really want you to go through KYC:

Now, if you’re still not sure, you can always call the operator to find out more.

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Emirates Casino is an ambitious project backed by a team of local and international experts. It offers unbiased casino reviews, iGaming market trends, compliance, and more. iGaming is a complicated topic, so IndiaCasino tries to give players a clear picture of the industry and teach them about compliance, taxes, and other things.