Best 8 Live Craps Casinos

If you’re wondering where to play live craps, we’ve got the solutions for you, and only the best will do! Based on the titles available, entertainment value, and other criteria, we’ve searched the internet for casinos that allow you to play craps with a live dealer. 

Using our comprehensive criteria, we’ve created a shortlist of the top 10 casinos to play live craps

#1 BetOBet
#2 Energy Casino
#3 Lucky Days
#4 Dafabet
#5 Hotslots
#6 YYY Casino
#7 Betfinal
#8 Rabona

What Makes a Live Casino Worthy of Our Top 10?

We check several specific criteria to see if a casino has done enough to earn a place on our list. If it meets these high standards, it gets a spot and deserves your time and attention.

Different Variants Available

A live casino with several variants of live craps gives the player an advantage. It means you can choose the title with the setup that you like. That could include a more favorable RTP or your preferred side bets.

Payouts Ratio

We take into account the RTP rates/house edge of live casino games. These numbers aren’t a guarantee of a win, but they can help you choose craps games that deliver favorable odds.

Bonus & Offers

Operators often exclude live games from your casino bonuses. That’s why when we see a live craps casino with a bonus that works with live dealer games, we make sure to tell you about it.

What Is a Live Dealer Craps Game?

The live dealer version of craps is played online via a live stream to a craps table in a studio or on the casino floor. It brings in many of the most attractive aspects of the in-person game but can be played from your computer or mobile device. We explore the differences between the two online options below.

Differences Between Live Dealer Craps and Online Craps

While the two games deliver the convenience of playing online, there are several differences. The live dealer version brings craps to life with a human touch and interactive elements. The fact that you can chat with other players makes this version more immersive. 

On the other hand, online craps is a virtual version of the game that you play alone. The pace of online craps is often faster than the live dealer version. It uses Random Number Generators (RNGs) to determine the outcome instead of rolling physical dice.

Exclusive Features When Playing Live Craps

Since live dealer craps blends the experience of visiting a casino with online play, it has some unique features. We explore how the game works and what you can expect when playing. 

Mechanical Shooters

At a brick-and-mortar casino, the players around the table take turns rolling the dice. Online craps mean a virtual roll, but when you play craps live, a mechanical shooter is used. The mechanical arm gives you the same fun as watching a person roll the dice, but it also ensures a fair result every time.

Live Chat

When you choose live craps casinos, you don’t have to compromise on the social element of the game. It’s not all automated, like the mechanical shooter. You can access the live chat function to talk to the others at the table as you play.

How To Play Live Craps?

Live Craps BetOBet Casino  - Emirates Casino Craps Guide Live Casino Game Shows - UAE Casinos - Emirates Casino - UAE Casino Guide

If you’re already familiar with the game, finding out how to play live craps will require only a few adjustments. To help you get to grips with it, we’ve set out the main concepts and basic rules below. It’s very important to familiarize yourself with craps rules.

Basic Rules

The game begins with players placing their chips/bets on marked areas of the table. The shooter (in this case a mechanical arm) throws two dice. You’ll also see a puck on the table showing the word on or off. Off shows that it’s a come-out roll, whereas on, demonstrates that a point has been established. The dealer takes the bets and is in charge of the action on the table. 


Our tips for live craps strategies focus on bets that make the most of the low house edge. Even though the game is social, the shooter is mechanical, so you don’t have to worry about going against them with don’t come or don’t pass bets. You can take advantage of the low house edge and play the odds when playing live craps online.

Combination bets which cover many eventualities, such as the Iron Cross, can be tempting. However, we recommend looking at your playing style and your bankroll before proceeding. If you want to play for longer and make your bankroll last, then multiple wagers aren’t for you.

Pass or Don’t Pass

The come-out roll leaves most players choosing between pass and doesn’t pass bets. The house edge for a pass and come bets is 1.41% and for don’t wagers, it’s 1.36%. Keep in mind that on the come-out roll, if you bet don’t pass and 12 is rolled, the result is a push and you get your money back.

If your bankroll can stretch to backing your pass/come or don’t pass/don’t come bet with another wager, you can take advantage of free odds. These bets are available after a point is established. It’s an attractive strategy as the house edge is 0% and the bets are paid out at true odds, which vary according to the point number.

Advanced Tips – Beat the Shooter

While our strategies look at bet types in live dealer craps, our advanced tips involve a more comprehensive look at the player and the game. We’ve got three pieces of expert advice to help you take your game to the next level.

Be Social But Logical

To make the most out of the live dealer game, use the live chat to enhance the excitement, interaction, and immersion. However, since you’re playing online, you can also take advantage of not getting too caught up in the moment. Keep a clear head when it comes to odds, payouts, and the best house edge to make the best decisions for your bankroll.

Know When To Take Down Bets

Place bets are popular because you can call them off, also known as taking them down from the table. While this flexibility can be a useful advantage to inexpensive betting, you have to know when to call them and be prepared to do so most of the time. 

If these wagers appeal to you, sticking to 6 or 8 gives you a decent house edge of 1.52% and there are five possible ways to roll these numbers.

Pay Attention to Table Minimums

When you play craps live, it’s best to plan your bankroll by looking at the table minimums. Picking a variant with a low minimum is an excellent way to stretch your bankroll and enjoy more of the game. 

Our experts recommended sticking to the minimum for a pass, don’t pass, come, and don’t come bets. If you want to spend a bit more, save it for backing those bets with free odds wagers.

Top Live Craps Providers in the UAE

We’ve talked about where to play live craps and how to choose your bets and play. However, there’s another aspect that affects your experience. Live dealer games come from different software providers, and we’ve explored some of the top names that deliver entertaining live-dice games.

  1. Evolution – Evolution has pretty much cornered the market when it comes to live craps and is the top provider for many live dealer games.
  2. Pragmatic Play Live – Arguably the second biggest name when it comes to live casino titles, Pragmatic Play Live delivers several entertaining dice games.
  3. Ezugi – Look out for Sic Bo and other live dice variants from Ezugi.
  4. Playtech Live – Another option, if you’re taking a break from Evolution’s Live and First Person Craps games is SicBo DeLuxe from renowned provider Playtech.
  5. BetGames – Although BetGames isn’t a household name just yet, the software provider delivers consistency when it comes to live games, including Dice Duel.

Go Live and Wager on the Come Out Roll

Live craps is one of the best live dealer games for getting the best of both worlds. You can indulge in some immersive interaction without the awkwardness of betting against the shooter or getting distracted by rolling the dice yourself. 

Instead, you’re left with a clear head that can make the most of our tips on betting and bankroll management. The icing on the cake is that there are numerous online casinos offering the live version of the game. They include BetOBet, Energy Casino, and Lucky Days.

Frequently asked questions

The main two variants of live dealer craps both come from Evolution. It offers the Live version with a real person acting as the dealer. There’s also a first-person edition, which blends the virtual side of the game with some live action. You can find either of the two variants at most of the online casinos in our top 10 list.
Craps is a much-loved casino game that has a social element and is exciting. Once you pick up the rules and bet types, it’s easy to join in the fun. However, if the pace, odds and bets don’t suit you, there are other dice games available to UAE players, including Sic Bo, Bac Bo and Football Studio Dice.
If you play craps in a casino, the players take turns as the shooter for a particular run. However, online versions of the game take over the action of rolling the dice. The live game has a mechanical arm as the shooter. It rolls the dice on every turn, which means you can still watch the action and enjoy the rattle of the dice. However, each roll is fair, and you don’t have to feel bad for betting against the shooter.
There isn’t one particular bet that will guarantee you a win. However, our experts pick out the bet with the lowest house edge as one of the best. In that case, at 1.36%, a don’t pass or don’t come bet might suit you. If you have the funds in your bankroll, you can back it up with an odds wager, also known as a free odds bet, as it has no house edge!
To join a table to play craps live, you’ll need to choose one of the casinos on our list and register for an account. Once you’ve added some funds to play with, head to the live casino. Choose the dice game from the options and the HD stream to the table will launch. From there, you can add your chips to the table and start betting on craps.
Live dealer games and craps, in particular, are popular options for UAE players. They can be played online, meaning you can sit comfortably at home. However, the live aspect means you’re interacting with a real dealer. For craps, there’s also the live chat aspect that gives the gameplay a social element that enhances the fun.
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