What Will You Learn Using Our Poker Strategy Guide?

Of all the gambling games played at casinos and online, poker is the one that leaves the most room for tactics, decision-making, and some skill. In this guide, you’ll learn how to read actions that occur in a game to inform your decisions through basic poker strategy. 

Beginner Poker Strategy: 6 Important Tips

There are certain essential steps that will go on to be the foundation of your poker betting strategy

  1. Get familiar with the bets, payouts, odds, and rules.
  2. Know the game variants and choose one wisely.
  3. Manage your bankroll – set your win and loss limits before you sit down
  4. Set time limits – walk away before you’re tired, or it stops being fun
  5. Remember your position affects your approach
  6. Know and use poker terminology

Basic Poker Strategy

A basic strategy involves practicing and adapting your decision-making style. The key to any beginner approach to poker is to understand your position, its strength, and how that affects your bets.

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Playing Styles: 4 Approaches to Poker

There are four attributes to poker playing styles that define your approach. Most players are a mix of two of the four, such as tight-aggressive or loose-passive.

  1. Tight

Tight players are selective about which hands they play. They’ll fold if they don’t think the hand is playable.

  1. Loose

A loose player doesn’t discount many starting hands, which means they bet more often and don’t fold much.

  1. Aggressive

The aggressive player will strongly back a hand with raises and not just call bets. It combines well with the tight style, allowing you to bet more on the hands that are playable.

  1. Passive

Passive players stick to checking and calling bets. They focus on the risks and don’t contribute much to the pot.

How to Know When to Raise

Knowing when to raise is all about knowing the strength of your position and your hand. Early positions mean you can’t collect much information about your fellow players. However, middle and late positions give you the opportunity to see off less confident players by raising.  

How to Know When to Call

As an experienced poker player, you’ll end up folding most hands in an early position and raising on the rest of them. However, to get practice or as a beginner, you’ll want to adjust that rule for casual games. In this case, you should fold hands with low-value cards but call good hands from an early position. 

Understanding the Pot Odds

Understanding the reward to calculate the risk is crucial for beginner poker strategy. The pot odds are the amount you stand to win for every dirham you need to commit. If the pot is currently 1,000 dirhams and your call is 250 dirhams, the odds are 1,000:250 or more, simply 4:1 or 20%.

Playing the Player – A Psychological Game

Another crucial element of a poker betting strategy is observing other players. Your hand might be good, but its value is determined by the other hands at the table. Observe your opponents inform your next move. Look out for aggressive or passive play patterns that indicate whether they’re playing a big hand or not.

Advanced Strategies for Poker

Taking things up a notch from beginner poker strategy means looking at advanced techniques. It involves increasing your awareness and observations in a game and how to take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes.

What Is Bluffing?

When perfecting the best poker strategy, you’ll want a mixture of tools to use, including bluffing. Bluffing in poker is acting or betting to get your opponent to fold a hand that’s better than yours. 

How To Bluff

Include these aspects in your game to bluff successfully.

What Is GTO (Game Theory Optimal)

GTO means you attempt to play a perfect poker game that can’t be exploited by your opponents. The approach means using value bets, bluffs, and semi-bluffs when needed. You don’t seek holes in your opponent’s game, but you’ll gradually profit from their imperfections. 

How To Master GTO

GTO is a useful component of a heads-up poker strategy. Add these elements to master it.

Hand Reading

Hand reading doesn’t involve psychic abilities; it’s a logical deduction. If you’ve studied a poker strategy chart, you’ll know to work in ranges of possible hands. After the pre-flop betting round and during the post-flop rounds, you can make deductions based on your opponents’ actions to rule out some hands and put others in the ‘maybe’ or ‘definitely’ range. By the river, you can make an informed decision. 


Your online poker strategy will rely on hand reading through observations from betting action. However, in a live setting, you can use tells (information obtained from other behavior) to enhance your deductions. First, establish how a player normally acts. After that, look out for changes in the behavior and observe whether they link to strong or weak hands. 


Poker involves players trying to anticipate each other’s moves. You think of what they’re thinking, they think what you might be thinking, and then you think about what they’re thinking you think. It sounds strange, but this is leveling. It’s easy to get carried away, at which point leveling doesn’t give you an advantage.

Which Poker Strategy Should You Choose?

The strategy you choose will depend on the variant you play and your ability.

The Best Strategies When You’re New to Casino Poker

When you’re new to poker, you can try these strategies:

Poker Strategies for Pros

Besides using our guide above, you can try these advanced tips in your poker tournament strategy.

Video Poker Strategy

Try these tips to form a video poker strategy.

Poker Tournament Strategy

Use these tips for your online poker tournament strategy.

Poker Strategies That Got the Most Wins

Let’s take a look at players on the all-time money list for poker.

General Beginner Mistakes To Avoid

Practice is the key to getting better at poker. Start by finding a variant you like and then mastering the basics, especially making decisions based on your position. Most importantly, when you play, make sure you play responsibly.

Frequently asked questions

The variant you choose depends on your preferences, and on your poker strategy. However, one of the most popular is Texas Hold’Em, and most strategies focus on this game.
Each one has advantages. Remember that if you use an exploitative strategy, your opponent can find a way to exploit you.
A mix of playing games and tournaments, training sites and videos and strategy guides can help you improve.
Losses are an inevitable part of the game. However, if you find that you’re the worst player at a table, it’s time to pick a new one!
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