Where To Play Texas Hold’Em Poker Online

As one of the most popular poker variants available, it’s quite easy to find Texas Hold’em poker online. The challenge is picking the best place, but we’ve got you covered with our list of top online poker casinos

  1. BetOBet
  2. YYY Casino
  3. Lucky Dreams
  4. BetFinal
  5. JustCasino

Master the Texas Hold’Em Poker Rules

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Texas Hold’Em Poker

Texas Hold’em poker rules tell you when to bet and what happens at each stage of the game. Players receive two hole cards. The dealer also adds five face-up community cards. At intervals between the cards being dealt, players bet. All players need to put the same amount into the pot to stay in and see the next card.

The Objective

The aim of the game is to win with the best hand. Texas Hold’em poker hands are the same as in other poker games. They rank from royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, and full house to flush, straight, three of a king, two pair, and pair. 

Types of Bets

If you’re entering a tournament, you might see a buy-in listed as the amount needed to enter. Otherwise, UAE players need to focus on the required bets to participate in the game. We’ve listed the types of Texas Hold’em poker bets.

The Small Blind

In land-based games, the button shows the player nominated as the dealer, and the betting runs clockwise from them. The first person clockwise of the dealer posts the small blind. It’s a forced bet that’s often dictated by the type or structure of the game.

The Big Blind

The person next to the small blind posts the big blind. The amount is often twice that of the small blind, although it depends on the game’s prearranged structure. After the big blind, the hole cards are dealt. In live and online poker, big and small blinds are typically replaced by an ante (minimum) bet.

Call Bet

During each round, players determine which actions to take. Once a player has bet, it’s up to the next player to fold, call or raise. A call bet matches the previous amount. In live and online poker, you only need to worry about your own actions as you don’t play against anyone else.


If a player wants to stay in the round but wants to bet more, they can raise. A raise matches and increases the previous bet.

Side Bets

Side bets don’t involve you backing your hand to be a winner. Instead, you’re wagering on other aspects of the game, such as whether specific cards will be drawn.

Texas Hold’Em Poker RTP, Payouts and House Edge

The Texas Hold’em poker odds, RTP and payouts depend on several factors. They include the game UAE players choose, how it plays out, and its structure.


Since casino versions of Hold’em have slight variations, not every version of the game has the same RTP. For example, Texas Holdem from BGaming has an RTP of 97.40% with a maximum raise and 95.48% at maximum check. However, a live version, such as Ultimate Texas Hold’em by Evolution, could have an RTP as high as 99.47%.


As with the RTP, the Texas Hold’em poker payouts can vary by game. We’ve provided a table based on Ultimate Texas Hold’em by Evolution to give you an idea of the payouts you can expect. 

HandExpected Payout
Royal flush500:1
Straight flush50:1
Four of a kind10:1
Full house3:1
Other handsPush

For a Trips side bet:

HandExpected Payout
Royal flush50:1
Straight flush40:1
Four of a kind30:1
Full house8:1
Three of a kind3:1

House Edge

Keep in mind that the house edge could vary within the game depending on the bet. For example, the total main bet house edge for Ultimate Texas Hold’em is 0.53%. It’s 2.18% for the initial main bet and 3.50% for the Trips side bet.

Texas Hold’Em Poker vs. Other Poker Variants

UAE players can find many other poker variants at casinos. The other versions have different formats, RTPs, house edges, and bets.

Texas Hold’EmOasis PokerCaribbean StudThree Card Poker
BetsAnte, call, raise, and side betsAnte bet, raiseAnte bet, play, and side betAnte bet, play, and side bets
RTP96.50% – 99.47%98.96%92.72% – 98.19%91.44% – 96.63%
House edge3.50% – 0.53%1.04%7.28% -1.81%8.56% – 3.37%

Difference Between Texas Hold’Em Poker and Oasis Poker

When playing Oasis Poker, UAE players receive five face-up cards in one go. Unlike Hold’em poker, there aren’t any community cards. You can see one of the dealer’s cards and have the option to discard and replace the cards in your hand by paying a fee.

Difference Between Texas Hold’Em Poker and Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is similar to Oasis Poker, as you start with an ante bet and five cards that need to beat the dealer’s hand. You have to decide whether to play your cards, with an additional bet added at that stage. This variant also has a 5+1 side bet that covers both hands.

Difference between Texas Hold’Em Poker and Three Card Poker

Unlike Hold’em poker, this game is played with three cards. UAE players take on the dealer aiming for the best hand or winning the pair plus and six-card bonus side bets. The ante bet begins the round and is followed by a play bet if you want to proceed after seeing your cards. 

Strategies for Advanced Players

Once UAE players get familiar with Hold’em poker, it’s a good time to start thinking about strategies. We’ve set out some of the most popular approaches below.

Position Strategy

If you’re playing against other players in a land-based game, then your Texas Hold’em poker strategy will need to consider your position. You’ll want to play more hands in a late position and a tighter game from early positions.

3-Bet Re-steal

Re-raising after the preflop raise, also known as the 3-bet, is an aggressive move that can see off weak players and build the pot. It also stops other players from stealing the blinds when used appropriately. It’s also only for land-based play.


Another popular land-based casino poker strategy, a preflop 3-bet can also lead to a squeeze. You re-raise to apply pressure to the player or players who called and the original raiser, potentially squeezing some of them out.

Shove on Strong Draws

Before the turn and the river, if you have a strong draw, it’s a good time to go all in. It’s another aggressive approach that builds the pot and puts you in a great position if you’ve got the hand to back it up.

Overbet and Jam the River

When you have a range advantage over your opponent and a strong hand that could be mistaken for a bluff, it’s a good time to overbet on the river and go all in. It’s a great way to force folds or hero calls. You may be able to make use of this in a live dealer game.

How To Play – Breakdown of a Texas Hold’Em Poker Round

This poker variant is all about the rounds, which involve new cards and betting. Here’s our step-by-step guide for UAE players. Note that this also incorporates traditional land-based rules, which don’t always apply to live dealers or online games.

  1. The blinds – the small and big blinds are posted before any cards are dealt.
  2. Preflop – you receive your two-hole cards with players to the left of the big blind having the option to call, raise or fold.
  3. Flop – after the burn card, the dealer lays out three community cards. A second round of betting occurs. It starts with a check or bet, and then others fold, raise or call.
  4. Turn – following another burn card, the fourth card is added to the community cards. The third round of betting occurs in the same format as before. 
  5. River – one more card is discarded, and the fifth card, known as the river, is added to the community cards. A final round of betting happens in the same format as before.
  6. Showdown – it’s time to see who has the best hand and wins the pot. The last raiser shows first.

Beginner Mistakes To Avoid

Knowing the value of the hands is essential in poker, but it’s especially important in Hold’em, as you’ll be betting based on the hands that you could make after the flop. Playing casino and live variants are excellent ways for UAE players to practice before testing advanced strategies.

Frequently asked questions

The online casino variants of the game are an excellent way to play, build up your poker knowledge and have some fun against the dealer.
In Ultimate Texas Hold’em, you can find the Trips side bet, where you’ll win if you get three of a kind or better.
The small blind is usually dictated by the game structure. You’ll often see two figures listed next to the table; they are the small blind and the big blind. However, live dealer and online poker typically replaces these with a single ante bet.
UAE players might see that their initial bet is pushed if the dealer doesn’t qualify. In most casino games, the dealer must have a pair or higher to proceed.
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