Master Roulette Rules & Odds

With the help of our guide, you can master the roulette casino rules. Read on to find out the aim of the game and essential roulette terminology. It’s important to be informed before playing, especially if you play at an online casino.

The Objective

Unlike other table games, players don’t take an active role in roulette. The croupier spins the wheel and adds the ball. The rest of the roulette rules concern the types of bets that players can make to predict the result once the wheel stops. Learn the ins and outs of the game before heading to an online roulette casino.

Crucial Terms UAE Players Need To Know

To understand the roulette game rules, knowing some specific terminology is helpful. We’ve listed the top 10 terms that UAE players need to know.

  1. Layout – refers to the table portion that includes designated spaces for players to place their chips to make specific bets.
  2. Zero – all roulette wheels have a green pocket that is used for a zero.
  3. Double zero – American Roulette variants include a second green pocket that’s a double zero.
  4. Pockets – the pockets are the segments of the wheel that are red, black, and green with designated numbers where the ball settles.
  5. Croupiers – the croupier runs the game, including spinning the wheel, adding the ball in the opposite direction, collecting chips, and paying out winnings.
  6. Block betting – choosing to bet on a group or block of numbers on the wheel. 
  7. Marker – a marker is used on the layout after a roulette round to show the winning number.
  8. Wheel checks – refer to the specific chips used at a roulette table for in-person play. 
  9. House edge – this term explains the house advantage on each bet, letting you know the theoretical return for each bet type.
  10. French terms – the French game has equivalent French terms for most of the bets and rules. For example, carre is corner, colonne is column, passe is high, and manque is low. 

Roulette Bets

Popular Roulette Bets   - Emirates Casino Roulette Guide -  - Emirates Casino Roulette Guide - UAE Casino - 
UAE Roulette - Emirates Roulette Guide - Emirates roulette

The key to playing the game is knowing the roulette bets available to you. Then, you can start working on your roulette strategy. We’ve outlined the two main types: inside and outside bets, plus the other wagers you can find.

Inside Bets

Roulette Inside and Outside Bets   - Emirates Casino Roulette Guide
Roulette Inside and Outside Bets

The main bets in roulette are divided into two categories. They get their name from their position on the table layout. The inside bets are known for their higher payouts but also the increased risk as they cover fewer numbers.

  1. Straight

Also called a straight-up bet, this wager means you get specific about your predictions and back one number to be the result. You place your chips directly on that number on the layout.

  1. Split

You can bet on two adjacent numbers on the layout by placing your chips on the line that connects them. You’re splitting your wager by backing two numbers.

  1. Street/Row

A street bet is betting on three numbers in a row on the table layout. You place your chips on the line of the square that begins the row.

  1. Trio

This three-number bet has to include zero. You place your chips where the three numbers intersect; either 0, 1, and 2, or 0, 2, and 3.

  1. Corner/Quad

This bet covers any four adjacent numbers. You place your chips on the point where the four lines framing the numbers intersect.

  1. Double Street

Also known as a line bet, the wager covers two adjacent rows of the layout, meaning six numbers. You place your chips at the start of the rows at the beginning of the line that divides them.

  1. Basket/First Five

The basket bet can be found in American variants. It means betting on the first five numbers: 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. You place your chips at the start of the line at the top of the layout, next to the zeroes. 

Outside Bets

Often known as the best roulette bets for beginners. The outside bets pay out less but also involve less risk as they cover more pockets on the wheel.

  1. Even or Odd

You put your chips on one of two designated spaces on the layout, reading odd or even. You’re betting on 18 numbers, either odd or even. 

  1. Red or Black

This bet also splits the wheel in half. You predict that the ball will land in either a red or a black pocket. Place your chips on the spaces reading red or rouge or black or noir.

  1. Low 18

A low bet covers the numbers one to 18 on the wheel. Add your chips to the layout section marked low.

  1. High 18

A high bet covers the top 18 numbers on the wheel: 19 to 36. Your chips should be placed on the layout box marked high.

  1. Column

A column bet focuses on how the numbers are arranged on the table layout. You can bet on one of the three columns of 12 numbers by placing your chips at the bottom of the column.

  1. Dozens

The 36 numbers on the wheel are divided into three sets of 12. You can bet on one to 12 by placing your chips on the 1st 12, 13 to 24 on the 2nd 12, and 25 to 36 on the 3rd 12.

Announced/Call Bets

Some casinos and game variants allow for more advanced roulette gaming rules, including split, racetrack, or call bets. In these cases, the player needs to announce the bet name for the croupier to note it and place it for them, as there isn’t always a designated spot on the layout.

Final Bet

Roulette Final Bet   - Emirates Casino Roulette Guide  - Emirates Casino Roulette Guide - UAE Casino - 
UAE Roulette - Emirates Roulette Guide - Emirates roulette
Roulette Final Bet

This type of call bet requires at least four chips to cover several numbers. It’s called final or les finales because it’s made based on the last digit of the numbers; for example, 5, 15, 25, and 35.

Full Complete/Maximum Bet

Roulette Full/ Complete/ Maximum Bet   - Emirates Casino Roulette Guide
Roulette Full/ Complete/ Maximum Bet

Another call bet that’s part of the rules of roulette is the maximum bet. It means covering every inside bet that includes a specific number with multiple chips. It’s usually a choice for high-rollers.

The Odds and Payouts

The roulette table odds help you determine which bet to make as you know the probability as well as the potential payout. The odds change depending on the variant. You can use our handy roulette payouts chart to check European and American Roulette details.

Roulette Bet TypeExample BetPotential PayoutEuropean Roulette OddsAmerican Roulette Odds
Even betsHigh or low1 to 148.65%47.37%
ColumnAny number in the second column2 to 1

Dozen25 to 362 to 132.40%31.60%
Six numbers7 to 125 to 116.2%15.8%
Five numbers0, 00, 1, 2 or 36 to 113.5%13.2%
Four numbers20, 21, 23 or 248 to 110.8%10.5%
Three numbers31, 32 or 3311 to 18.1%7.9%
Two numbers26 or 2717 to 15.4%5.3%
Single number1435 to 12.7%2.6%

Roulette Rules Variations

The rules for the roulette game you’re playing depend on the variant. The three main types are French, European, and American, but many new versions have different formats.

European & American Roulette Rules

Although the roulette payouts don’t change, the odds do, depending on if you’re playing the American or European variant. European Roulette is known for having the best roulette odds, as it only includes one zero. American roulette adds the double zero, which decreases the true odds for each outcome without adjusting the payouts.

En Prison Rule

Roulette Imprisonment Bet   - Emirates Casino Roulette Guide
Roulette Imprisonment Bet

You’ll encounter roulette rules when playing certain games, including the French variant. They include the En Prison or surrender rule. If you placed an even bet, but the ball landed in the zero pockets, your bet stays on the table for the next spin. If you win, you get your stake back. 

La Partage Rule

Like En Prison, La Partage is often found in French Roulette. If you’ve placed an even bet and the ball lands on zero, you get half your stake back.

How To Play Roulette Online – Breakdown of a Round

With this guide, you’ve got all the information at your fingertips to start playing roulette. To help you begin your first experience, we’ve set out what to expect the first time the wheel is spun.

  1. Fund Your Balance

You’ll need to begin by adding some funds to your account. A visit to the cashier is required, where you’ll need to pick a payment method, enter your details, choose your preferred payment method, and input the amount to deposit.

  1. Decision Time: Place Your Bet

Load your preferred variant of roulette; we recommend European for beginners. Choose one of the bet types and your bet amount. Remember to gamble responsibly and set limits for how much you can afford to lose.

  1. The Croupier Spins the Wheel

The croupier starts the round by spinning the wheel. They’re well-practiced at doing it in a fair way that determines a random outcome. The wheel spins in a counterclockwise direction, and the ball is added to the backtrack in the opposite direction.

  1. Results and Payouts

As the ball slows, no more bets are allowed. It will then drop towards the pockets. It might bounce a few times before coming to rest in a pocket, which is the winner. The croupier then places the marker on the layout, collects the losing bets, and pays out to you if you’re a winner. Be sure to stay on a good note and to play responsibly.

Time To Play!

Now that you’re a master of roulette wheel odds and roulette table payouts, you’re ready to enjoy the game. Since the odds are better, we recommend playing European Roulette and sticking with outside bets. As you improve, you can explore inside bets and then call bets. You can also try different variants, such as French Roulette, to experience all of the rules and options.

Frequently asked questions

The most important roulette rules are knowing the bet types. There are many, so it’s worth reading this guide a few times and playing the game using our payout chart until you get familiar.
The ideal variant for beginners is European Roulette. It has a better house edge than the American version and the rules are straightforward.
The bet you choose depends on your experience, bankroll and what you want to get out of the game (besides winnings). Players with smaller bankrolls looking to extend the experience will want to choose even bets. However, high-rollers who have played many times might choose a full complete bet.
Yes, UAE players can use a roulette strategy. It’s crucial to remember that roulette is a game of chance, so you can’t impact the outcome. However, you can use bankroll management and a betting strategy to determine your approach.
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