What Is The Most Popular Roulette Strategy?

There’s a roulette bet strategy for every type of player, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional. A roulette strategy that works typically follows a sequence that requires players to increase or decrease their bets according to their wins and losses. 

Take a look at the most popular systems and choose your favorite roulette betting strategy:

Roulette strategy no. 1 – Martingale

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UAE Roulette - Emirates Roulette Guide - Emirates roulette
Martingale Strategy

The Martingale system is also called the roulette double strategy. It requires players to set a base value from which they double their bets if they lose and return to the base value if they win. But roulette strategy Martingale is also incredibly risky, as consecutive losses can easily make you run out of money.

Roulette strategy no. 2 – Reverse Martingale

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UAE Roulette - Emirates Roulette Guide - Emirates roulette
Reverse Martingale

This roulette betting strategy is the exact opposite of the roulette strategy Martingale, as you should double your stake every time you win and reset it back to the base value every time you lose.

Roulette strategy no. 3 – Fibonacci

Fibonacci Strategy Roulette  -  - Emirates Casino Roulette Guide - UAE Casino - 
UAE Roulette - Emirates Roulette Guide - Emirates roulette
Fibonacci Strategy

This roulette wheel strategy uses the famous Fibonacci sequence, where each number is the sum of the two numbers before it – 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, and so on. 

If you win, you move to the next number in the sequence. If you lose, you move back two steps. The main benefit of this roulette bet strategy is that the bets don’t increase as exponentially as other strategies.

Roulette strategy no. 4 – D’Alembert

Some players consider the D’Alembert system the most successful roulette strategy due to its simplicity. Essentially, you must increase your stake by one unit when you lose and decrease it by the same amount when you win. However, it has lower payouts than other strategies due to the smaller stakes.

Roulette strategy no. 5 – Contre D’Alembert

The Contre D’Alembert is the opposite of the traditional D’Alembert roulette betting strategy. In this case, you’ll have to increase your bet by one unit every time you win and decrease it any time you lose. Many players prefer this roulette bet strategy because it requires a smaller bankroll than the traditional version.

Roulette strategy no. 6 – James Bond Strategy

James Bond Strategy  - - Emirates Casino Roulette Guide - UAE Casino - 
UAE Roulette - Emirates Roulette Guide - Emirates roulette
James Bond Strategy

Bets made using the winning strategy for roulette require 20 units, which should be placed as follows – 14 units from 19 to 36, five units on the line bet from 13 to 18, and one unit on zero. Depending on the outcome, you can win the following:

Roulette strategy no. 7 – Fisher

The Fisher system was designed to counter one of the flaws associated with the roulette strategy Martingale – the exponential doubling of your bets. This strategy requires you to triple your initial stake every time you lose four rounds consecutively. If you win, return to the original stake.

Roulette strategy no. 8 – Labouchere

The Labouchere system is a complex roulette wheel strategy that requires players to create their own sequence of numbers based on how much they want to win. For instance, if you wanted to win 20 AED, you could create the following sequence: 4, 3, 2, 5, 3, 2, 1.

Your first bet should be the sum of the numbers on the left and right ends of the sequence – 4 + 1. If you win, you’ll need to cross out those numbers. However, if you lose, you must add your stake to the right side of the sequence.

Roulette strategy no. 9 – Reverse Labouchere

The reverse Labouchere system was designed to decrease your losses compared to the original roulette betting strategy. Essentially, you’ll have to add your stake to the right side of the sequence whenever you win and remove the numbers bet every time you lose.

Roulette strategy no. 10 – Andrucci

The Andrucci system starts with 30 and 37 random wagers on even money bets. Make sure you write down the numbers landed every round. Then, you should place straight bets on the most popular numbers for 30 to 37 rounds. This is the best roulette strategy for risk-takers and high-rollers.

Roulette strategy no. 11 – Paroli

The Paroli system is similar to the reverse Martingale strategy. However, it was designed to prevent huge losses after consecutive wins. The main difference about this roulette win strategy is that you should revert to the base stake after three consecutive wins.

Roulette strategy no. 12 – 3 2 System

This roulette strategy that works requires betting on a 3/2 ratio, hence its name. Players can make one of two bets when playing with this roulette wheel strategy:

You’ll only need to win one of the two bets you make to turn a profit.

Roulette strategy no. 13 – 1 3 2 6 System

This roulette win strategy also follows a sequence – 1, 3, 2, 6, in this case. Essentially, you’ll have to move one step up every time you win your bet and reset the sequence any time you lose. This winning strategy for roulette aims to win four consecutive times.

Which Roulette Strategy Should You Choose?

Popular Roulette Strategies   -  - Emirates Casino Roulette Guide - UAE Casino - 
UAE Roulette - Emirates Roulette Guide - Emirates roulette
Popular Roulette Strategies

The best roulette strategy depends on several factors, including your preferences, experience, bankroll, and the variant you’re playing. The good news is that we have a few roulette tips to help you choose a winning roulette strategy, whether you’re new to online casinos or a professional player.

Best roulette strategy for players new to casino

If you’re a beginner, one of the things you can do to test a new roulette bet strategy is to try the demo play mode. The best strategies for new players include:

This roulette betting strategy is great for beginners because it’s very easy to learn and only has a progression of one unit.

The Contre D’Alembert roulette wheel strategy is one of the most popular among new casino players because it’s straightforward and requires a small bankroll.

Best roulette strategy for pro players

Experienced players prefer sticking to complex and riskier strategies that can result in higher profits. Some of the best strategies to try include:

This complex roulette win strategy involves a total bet of 20 units, making it suitable for professional players and high-rollers.

The Paroli system is more complex than other progressive betting strategies, as it requires reverting to the initial bet after three consecutive wins.

Roulette strategies with the most wins

The highest wins in roulette history were obtained through straight bets and even money bets. With this, two strategies quickly come to find – the reverse Martingale and the Andrucci systems:

The reverse Martingale system requires doubling your stake on every win, allowing you to benefit from consecutive wins.

This strategy has the highest payouts of all roulette strategies – 35 to one. However, it’s incredibly risky.

Beginner Mistakes That Are Easy To Avoid

It’s essential to remember strategies aren’t foolproof. While they can be helpful, they won’t make you win more often or eliminate the house edge. Understanding the differences between roulette variants, which can affect the house edge, would be best. It’s also crucial to avoid chasing losses since this usually results in heavier losses.

Frequently asked questions

The best roulette strategy depends on your preferences and experience. If you’re a beginner, choose simple strategies. If you’re a professional, consider complex and riskier systems.
No. However, roulette strategies can be helpful in managing your bankroll and making you last longer at the table.
The strategies with the highest payouts are the Andrucci system, at 36x your stake, and the 3 2 system, with a maximum payout of 1.5x your bet.
No. Strategies were simply designed to help players organise their bets and manager their bankroll. There’s no such thing as a foolproof online roulette strategy.
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