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Join a luxurious masked ball with Red Tiger

Who doesn’t love an old-fashioned masquerade? Red Tiger does! This opulent five-reel slot was released by this award-winning provider on October 21, 2017. The game features multiple fun mechanics, including golden masques that reveal random symbols. Learn how to achieve wins up to 1,000x your stake with our Masquerade slot review.


4 Number of rows
0.2 Minimum stake
20 Paylines
5 Wheels


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Masquerade review

Masquerade features an unconventional 2-3-4-3-2 layout with 20 paylines. The game has an RTP of 95.12% and medium volatility. It also has an all-pay reels mechanic and two bonus features – Golden Masque and Royal Masque. Together, these can help you land wins of up to 1,000x your stake. 

What You’ll Learn With Our Masquerade Review

Finding the best online slots is crucial to ensure a positive gambling experience. Therefore, we developed a unique testing method that looks into several variables, such as:

  • SymbolsWe tested the game’s symbols according to their quality and payouts.
  • Bets and autoplayWe checked what bets players can make and if the slot comes with an autoplay tool.
  • RTPWe compared the RTP to other similar games.
  • VolatilityWe compared the volatility to other similar games.
  • Maximum winWe helped players understand how to trigger the game’s highest prize.
  • FeaturesWe checked what features the game has such as wilds, scatters, bonus games, and free spins.
  • Bonus roundWe verified if the game has a bonus round and what rewards it offers.
  • ImmersionWe evaluated the game based on its graphics and sounds.

Play Masquerade With A Bonus

Bonuses are one of the best ways to enjoy online casino games. Luckily, online casinos in the UAE constantly create new bonuses and promotions to keep players excited. Check the best offers through our bonuses page.

All About The Symbols & Payouts Of Masquerade

Masquerade has everything you’d expect from a mask-themed slot – luxurious symbols, generous payouts, and other exciting details. Learn more about this game by reading the sections below.


Masquerade’s list of high-paying symbols features a top hat, a pocket watch, a gold ring, and a masked lady. The low-paying symbols include five playing cards, from A to 10.

High-paying symbols 

Masquerade high-paying symbols - Emirates Casino Slot Review
Masquerade high-paying symbols

Low-paying symbols 

Masquerade low-paying symbols - Emirates Casino Slot Review
Masquerade low-paying symbols


Masquerade has 20 paylines. The game has an all-way pay mechanic, meaning you only need three consecutive symbols anywhere to trigger a win. However, only the most valuable combination per payline triggers a win

Bets & autoplay

You can bet between £0.20 (0.89 AED) and £100 (445.62 AED) per spin in Masquerade. The autoplay feature allows you to select up to 100 spins and create custom loss limits.

Masquerade RTP

The slot’s RTP is 95.12%. This percentage is slightly below the market average for online slots.


The game has medium volatility. As such, players can get frequent wins and decent payouts.

Maximum win

You can win up to 1,000x your bet by filling the reels with masked lady symbols.

Masquerade Maximum win - Emirates Casino Slot Review
Masquerade Maximum win
Masquerade’s RTP and maximum win could be better
Medium volatility slots typically have an RTP rate close to 96% and a maximum win between 2,000x and 10,000x the player’s bet. However, don’t forget that it all comes down to luck.

Game Features

Masquerade removed traditional slot features in favour of two main bonuses – Golden Masque and Royal Masque. The Golden Masque and Royal Masque features can be randomly triggered when players land gold masks on the reels.

Wilds, re-spins, and other features 

Masquerade doesn’t include wilds or re-spins.

Golden Masque

Golden Masque is the most common bonus feature in Masquerade. Every time gold masks land on the reels, they reveal a random mystery symbol. Occasionally, gold masks can expand to occupy other reels, increasing the chances of triggering a win.

Golden Masque Masquerade - Emirates Casino Slot Review
Golden Masque Masquerade

Royal Masque

This feature is triggered whenever a giant gold mask appears on the screen. It adds random mystery symbols to the three middle reels, guaranteeing a win. Triggering this bonus is crucial to achieving the highest wins in the game.

Royal Masque Masquerade - Emirates Casino Slot Review
Royal Masque Masquerade

Graphics & Sound Of Masquerade

Red Tiger is known for its high-quality graphics, and Masquerade didn’t disappoint us. The game is expertly crafted, featuring a luxurious design complete with ornamental columns and gold symbols. The music sounds like an orchestra you’d find at a ball, although it only plays when you’re spinning the reels.

Optimised for Mobile👍
Special featuresLuxury-themed symbols, smooth animations
Masquerade is silent unless you’re spinning the reels
We know how quickly a slot soundtrack can get boring. However, we didn’t like how Red Tiger tackled this issue, as players can only hear the music for a few seconds after spinning the reels.
Graphics & Sound Of Masquerade - Emirates Casino Slot Review
Graphics & Sound Of Masquerade

Solutions For Common Issues With The Game

Even though they’re developed by top-rated providers, slots aren’t free from issues. Here are the most common problems you might encounter and how to solve them:

  • The game stopped working mid-round – Most slots have a feature that lets you replay the previous round. Restart the game to try again.
  • I can’t repeat the last round – Please contact the casino’s support, as the staff may be able to look further into the issue.

Remember that software and hardware errors void all payouts.

Enjoy A Lavish Lifestyle With Masquerade

Casinos are known for their opulent environment, contributing to the popularity of luxury-themed slots. There were a few things we liked about Masquerade, especially its generous symbol payouts and how frequently the bonus features trigger. The wide betting range is also a plus

However, not everything was great. The RTP rate and the maximum win are low compared to other games, which is disappointing. As such, our rating for this game is 6/10.

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Is Masquerade safe to play?

Yes. The game was developed by Red Tiger, a reputable iGaming provider from the Evolution Group. As such, playing Masquerade is entirely safe.

Can I play Masquerade in the UAE?

Yes. Many online casinos available in the UAE offer Red Tiger slots, including Masquerade.

Can I play Masquerade with a casino bonus?

Yes. This slot is compatible with most casino promotions, including free spins and deposit bonuses.

How much can I win in Masquerade?

The game’s highest win is 1,000x your stake.

What is the RTP of Masquerade?

Masquerade has an RTP rate of 95.12%.

What is the most valuable symbol in Masquerade?

The most valuable symbol in Masquerade is the masked lady, which pays 1,000x your bet for five.

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