Explore Where to Play Online European Roulette in 2024

Our casino experts test and review various UAE casinos to hone in on the ones that offer the best value for money and the choice of free European Roulette games. We narrowed the trusted online roulette casinos down to our top five ones for UAE players:

1. Bet O bet – European Roulette with Track

The casino BetOBet offers various European versions of this game, one of the notable ones being thiswith Track” version. This Playson game follows the general rules but adds a racetrack on the table you can use to bet.

2. BetFinal – 3D European Roulette

BetFinal offers many excellent roulette games, with the 3D European version being a popular choice. This version functions the same as others but includes a 3D rendering of the European roulette wheel, giving it a more realistic feel.

3. Dafabet – European Premium Roulette

Dafabet offers a healthy selection of casino games for Emirati players, including a premium version of European roulette online. This game includes Neighbour bets, where you choose a number to bet on, and it automatically includes the ones left and right of it as well. It has a 3D wheel and two table options for you to play European roulette online.

4. Energy Casino – European Roulette Pro

Energy Casino offers a user-friendly site to UAE players and various games, including the Pro version of European roulette online. This game gives advanced players some statistics they can use, such as the hot and cold numbers, a list of your wins as you play, and special bets such as the Voisins du Zero.

5. YYY Casino – Roulette European 

A trusted Emirati European roulette casino is YYY Casino. The operator boasts a user-friendly interface with an appealing and bold design. Evoplay’s title of this game offers the classic rules we all know, with snazzy music playing and a max win of $3,600 in equivalent currency.

Explore the Rules and Odds of This Game

The European Roulette wheel layout has 37 pockets, with the green ‘zero’ and the red and black numbers 1 to 36. The standard European roulette online game is operated using RNG software, where a digital European roulette wheel is spun, and the white ball lands in a random pocket. 

The live casino version of online European roulette uses a qualified live dealer who spins an actual wheel from a studio, in the same way you would play the game at a brick-and-mortar casino.

Various bets are available, namely inside ones with lower European Roulette odds of winning and outside ones with higher odds of winning. It’s vital to familiarise yourself with roulette rules before you start playing.

European Roulette Bets, Odds, and Payouts  - Emirates Casino Roulette Guide
European Roulette Bets, Odds, and Payouts

The Objective

The objective in this game is to correctly predict which pocket the ball is going to land in. You can choose the specific number you think it’ll be, a group of numbers, or simply the number’s characteristics, like being odd or even.

Master the Types of Bets

In the European Roulette game, there are various bets available. However, three main categories these bets fall into are available, namely inside, outside and other bets.

Inside Bets

Inside wagers are the ones focusing on a specific number or selection of numbers. Usually, these stakes have lower odds of winning, but give higher payouts if won. 

Outside Bets

Outside bets are more general, and thus the European Roulette odds of landing and winning such a wager are higher. Below, we look at the various outside stakes.

Other Bets

This game also has some call bets, which are traditionally called out or announced. However, providers often add them as special bets in online games.

All About the RTP, Payouts, and House Edge

Depending on the game version you’re playing, the RTP, house edge, and payouts can differ. However, the traditional European version features the base statistics, which we added in the table below.

Bet TypePayoutProbabilityHouse EdgeRTP
Straight Up35:12.70%2.70%97.30%
Voisins du ZeroUp to 24:145.9%2.70%97.30%
Jeu Zero17:118.9%2.70%97.30%
Tiers du Cylindre26:132.4%2.70%97.30%
Orphelins35:1 or 17:121.6%2.70%97.30%

RTP Percentage

The RTP (Return to Player) for this game is generally 97.30%. However, depending on the variant, it can have slightly different RTP percentages, like the 98.65% RTP of the 3D roulette version if you only play even money bets.

Payouts You’ll Find

Payouts are generally directly linked with the odds of winning the wager. So if you have a bet that has higher odds of winning, like even money stakes, then the payout becomes less. In the online European Roulette game, the payouts can range from 1:1 up to 35:1, or sometimes more.

The House Edge

The house edge is the direct opposite of the RTP, referring to the difference between the RTP and 100%. So for an RTP of 97.30%, the house edge is 2.70% and is the overall cut the casino takes of the various bets.

European Online Roulette vs. Other Roulette Variants 

There are three main roulette types (European, French and American), two of which use the same roulette wheel (European and French). The RTP and payouts can differ in these games, along with the type of bets available. Most exotic roulette variants use one of these three games as the base. The roulette variants differ from one kind of roulette to the other.

Game TypeLayoutBetsRTPHouse edge
European37 Numbers ( 0 + 1 to 36)Five Inside, Five Outside, Four Call97.30%2.70%
American38 Numbers (0 + 1 to 36 + 00)Six Inside, Five Outside, Five Call and Final94.74%5.26%
French37 Numbers (0 + 1 – 36)Seven Inside, Five Outside, Four Call98.65%2.70% to 1.35%

Difference to American Roulette

American Roulette has the lowest RTP since it has a double zero, which directly correlates with the house edge. The rules are mostly the same, but it gains an extra inside bet with the five-line bet. 

It also adds final wagers to the gameplay, which are stakes where you bet on all the numbers ending with the same digit.

Difference to French Roulette

French Roulette uses the same wheel and mechanics as European but adds two additional rules to the gameplay. The En Prison rule means if you lose an even-money bet, your stake remains on the table, and if you win the next round, it returns your entire stake. 

La Partage is another rule that states any losing even-money bet splits in half, and you receive half of it back, which means you lose less.

Breakdown of a Round – How to Play This Game

This game is the ideal choice for beginners and experienced UAE players, as it offers a thrill but is easy to play. Below, we break down the steps of how to play it.

  1. Choose a game variant to play.
  2. Ensure your UAE casino account is funded with money you can afford to lose.
  3. Bet your chips to the number of blocks you want to bet on.
  4. The software will spin the wheel and drop the ball after you press the spin button. Alternatively, a live dealer will perform these actions once a new round starts in live roulette.
  5. The ball will land in one of the wheel’s pockets as it slows, and your win or loss will automatically be calculated.

The Top Strategies for Advanced UAE Players

Over the years, several players have created several roulette strategies you can use while playing. Remember that you should play this game for fun, and not to make an income.

European Roulette Strategy n°1: The Martingale System

The Martingale System is by far one of the most popular strategies. The principle of this system is that you double your stake after each loss and revert it to the original stake after each win.

Theoretically, you should be able to win back all your losses in a single win. However, it means you need a large bankroll, and you might end up chasing your losses. Make sure to put together a roulette strategy before you start playing.

European Roulette Strategy n°2: Reverse Martingale Strategy

The Reverse Martingale is also known as the Paroli strategy. You double your stake after winning and lower it to the original amount after losing. However, it’s also risky, as you can chase after your wins and end up with an astronomical loss in a single bet. 

European Roulette Strategy n°3: Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci system uses the Fibonacci numbers 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc. The idea is you start with one unit, and if you lose, you add your previous two bets together to total your next stake. 

So if you keep losing, you’ll bet $1, $1, $2, $3, and then $5. If you win, then you go back two numbers in the lineup, so winning after betting $5 means you revert to $2.

European Roulette Strategy n°4: Andrucci System

This strategy requires a large bankroll, as it’s dependent on testing the wheel’s hot numbers. So you must make small, even money bets for 30 to 37 rounds, sometimes more, and note down each number that wins. 

You then switch to making straight bets on the numbers that occurred the most and continue this for another 30 to 37 rounds. However, there’s no guarantee the hot numbers will land.

The Game That Everyone Can Enjoy

Roulette is a classic table game that experienced UAE players love, and beginners can get a handle on it easily. The inside and outside bets are fairly straightforward, and even call and final wagers aren’t that hard to understand. It’s the basic version of the game, so if you familiarise yourself with its rules and gameplay, you’ll better understand other variants. 

Make sure that you read one of our expert casino reviews before you start, grab yourself a juicy casino bonus, and play European roulette online!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, most online roulette games are available in demo mode, but remember you can’t withdraw any winnings from a free European Roulette game.
No, 00 refers to the double zero, which is part of the American wheel, while this one has a single zero on the wheel.
Ultimately, roulette is a game of luck, and no strategy you employ can affect or predict the result, but it can help you manage your bankroll.
While a straight-up bet is the simplest to make, as you choose a number, even money bets have better win probabilities and are one of the best bets to make.
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